Palestine, State of

Palestine, State of has EOI relations with 5 countries through 5 treaties.

Treaty Type
Jurisdictions which Palestine, State of has agreements with
JurisdictionTypeTreatySignedEntered into forceExchange of Information
Czech RepublicDTCDTC CZ PS March 2, 2004Dec. 7, 2005Uncertain
IndonesiaDTCDTC ID PS July 11, 2002March 25, 2004Uncertain
RomaniaDTCDTC PS RO Jan. 23, 1998Aug. 25, 2000Uncertain
RussiaDTCDTC PS RU Sept. 26, 1997Jan. 1, 2001Uncertain
South KoreaDTCDTC KR PS Dec. 16, 2000Aug. 20, 2003Uncertain